Dorine & Geert:

"We enjoyed our first naturist holiday. We will be back next year"

Christel and Ronald:

"Our first holiday as naturists and we never want otherwise again!"

Darroch & Ella:

"The epitomy of what naturism should be about"



Family naturist holidays in France

Naturist, Nudist or Clothing Optional?

There are those that will argue semantics but for us it is not the label but the freedom to enjoy our wonderful climate without having to wear clothes that is important.

We created Charente Soleil in order to be able to enjoy that freedom ourselves and we are pleased to be able to share it with like-minded others.

If you are new to naturism or have visited nude beaches but not stayed in naturist accommodation before then you may have some questions:

What to expect from a naturist holiday at Charente Soleil

"Mixed" Groups

We do not accept bookings from completely non-naturist groups. At least one member of the party must want to undress when the conditions allow. We do, however, appreciate how difficult it is for naturists to arrange holidays when a member of the party (typically teenage children) is happier wearing clothes for some or all of the time.

We think freedom also means that no one should be pressurised to do anything that they are uncomfortable with, especially when they are on holiday! So, if someone wants to remain clothed then that's perfectly OK as long as they don't object if we and other naturist guests prefer to sunbathe and swim "au-naturel". We don't have rules about dressing or undressing in the pool, for meals, or for anything else. They can dress however feels comfortable - It's their holiday too and they will receive a warm welcome here.

What not to expect

Charente Soleil is a family naturist holiday centre and not a venue for exhibitionists. Public sexual activity is prohibited. If this is what you are looking for then we respectfully suggest that you look elsewhere in order to avoid disappointment. We do reserve the right to expel without refund anyone not respecting this rule.